The use and/or carrying of a firearm is a potentially dangerous activity, both to you and to others. Before handling or using firearms, all persons should seek and receive proper instruction. There are many excellent firearms training classes offered throughout the country, or National Rifle Association can be contacted to locate a a certified instructor. You must knowingly and voluntarily assume all risks associated with these activities.

Before using, and during use, you should examine the product carefully. If you find any flaws in this product when you receive it, contact Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. immediately.

Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. HOLSTERS ARE MADE FOR FACTORY HANDGUNS ONLY! They are specifically molded for only one handgun model, and are not suitable or safe for any handgun except the model for which they were originally ordered and made. Any external modifications, including but not limited to oversize grips, sights, trigger shoes, and control levers, may cause the gun not to fit the holster properly and may result in an accident. If for any reason the gun does not seem to fit the holster properly, or if the holster becomes worn, loose, or defective, you must STOP ITS USE immediately and contact Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. for further instructions.

Before using a Pocket Concealment System, Inc. holster, read and follow the directions sheet sent with the holster. If there is no instruction sheet with your holster, do not use it until you write or call Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. and receive a copy of the instructions.

Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. makes no warranties, express or implied, including warranty or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Because Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. has no control over the firearm(s) you intend to use, ammunition that you use in it, the manner in which you use the firearm, or any modification you make in the future to the firearm or the Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. product, Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. disclaims any and all liability for any damage to persons and/or to property, that may result from the use of this holster.

Pocket Concealment Systems, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.